When should I order?

All my items should be ordered at least the day before pick-up. I can usually accommodate same-day order for sandwiches, but pastries need to be ordered ahead.

Do you have a delivery option?

    I don’t, but sometimes people send an Uber Connect.

    How does the pick-up work?

      I send an email to my customers in the morning as a reminder of their order. There is my phone number on it, so you can text me with your estimated time of arrival and I will have your order ready for you. Then you text me or ring when you're here and I'll bring your order to you. Pick up is Wed to Sat 11am-1pm.

      What Should I do if I need something out of the pick-up window / another day?

        You can always fill out a contact form on my website or send me an Instagram DM with your special request, and I'll do my best to make it happen.

        Can I find your baked goods somewhere else?

          My Babka rolls are for sale at Other Avenues (Judah and 45th Ave) on Sunday mornings.